Four56 Vacation Club

four56 Vacation Club

Why We Exist

No time to plan your well deserved get-away?

Tell us your dreams and we will make them happen! From exceptional hospitality to coveted vacation hot spots, we work with our members and clients to identify their vacation interests, while you make time for the ones you love. Ranging from millennials to baby-boomers, we help our clients and their families achieve unforgettable dream vacations in a manner and style that reduces the financial stress and burdens associated with planning a vacation.

four56 Vacation Club was born solely for this purpose, to help our members and clients achieve their dream vacations and seamless business travels! As we grow in membership, our ultimate quest is to use our passion to consistently renew minds, bodies and souls by providing a higher quality of life for our members and clients by offering smart vacation plans.

Our Services

We specialize in destination planning, retreats, and group travels with a unique focus on the following services:
  • Trip Planning with Ala Cart Menu
  • Hotel and Luxury Residence Bookings
  • Car rentals and Luggage delivery
  • Honeymoons, Anniversaries, and Romantic Get-Aways
  • Cruises

Our services are individualized to enhance guests’ experience with a customized virtual concierge, thereby creating an unforgettable experience, every day…. every time, for each person. We make it easy. That’s our strength!

four56 Vacation Club

How We Work

Originally conceived in 2014, four56 Vacation Club advertises monthly hot spots; Featured Hotels around the U.S and the rest of the world, including Africa; with special member rates, members can share their vacation plans via an exclusive members website [].

  • Submit your inquiry by completing the concierge request form.
  • A confirmation of your hotel details will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • Members do not need a credit or debit bankcard to hold a room; credit card is needed only for incidentals.
  • We offer our members the option of paying off travel in 4 installments, starting from the booking date
    • 25% of the cost is payable on the date of reservation
    • Installment payments can be made via the following methods:
      • Credit and Debit Cards
      • At the following banks
        • Bank of America
        • •Account number 48501377409
        • First Hawaiian Bank
        • •Account number 65-112078
  • Installments must be paid-off in FULL 4 days prior to member’s arrival date

While we do always have about 25 or more featured locations monthly, members and guests always have the option of expanding their search through affiliate sites, specifically Marriott and Starwood Group of hotels to satisfy their travel needs and timeframes.

Cancellations of Reservations:

Our Cancellation Policy is based on that of the hotel where the reservation was booked and will be stated on all electronic reservations sent to members and guests. If a room is paid in full and then cancelled, reservations can be modified for another date, preventing the forfeiture of deposits. If members chose not to modify the dates, they forfeit their deposit for one day.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to over 4,000 hotels worldwide
  • Personal Concierge to help plan and book your trips
  • A menu of local events and activities to help you plan your trip
  • Installment payments to cover your hotel rooms, resort fees and taxes, and transportation
  • No need for a Credit or Debit Card to hold a room
  • Hotel room Savings between 7% to 12% of published hotel rates
  • Access to luxury residence bookings worldwide with savings of 12% to 15% of published rates
  • Member Matching Rates to any competitor sites
  • Access to vacation homes and suites for large parties
  • Rooms fully equipped with a kitchen, washer and dryer
  • Advise on TSA and Global Entry Processes
  • Elimination of travel stress
  • Cruise planning with themed events

Membership Fees: Imagine having a personal concierge that causes you, at maximum; $7.50 per month with the intent to find you savings on your travels and vacation trips up to an estimated $600 to $1,000, per year.

  • Annual Membership payable in advance | $78 or $6.50/month
  • Monthly Membership Fees | $90 yearly or $7.50/month

At the Four56 vacation club, the world is truly a book; those who do not travel only skim the surface, welcome to the club!